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BestRec – Best Practice in Land Reclamation of abandoned mine sites in Germany and China − a comparison and guideline for China

Project activities focus on specific Chinese and German coal mining regions and best practice examples in rehabilitation and reclamation of mining sites. The aim is building a stakeholder network of both sides as a bridge for know-how exchange by workshops resulting in best practice guidelines.

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Bee castles – Citizen Science for a network of habitat islands for wild bees

We are actively countering the decline of wild bees in Lusatia with the “Bienenburgen” citizen science project: a rescue network for wild bees is to be created.

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Functions to determine biomass and nutrients on common tree species at the North Saxon lowlands

Single-tree-based functions for determining biomass, compartment-related volume and nutrient content of young red oak and common birch at the North Saxon lowlands are developed using parameters that are easy to measure.

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Network Center for Renewable Resources in the Federal State of Brandenburg

Renewable resources and domestic resources for a bio-based, sustainable and strong economy in Brandenburg – all of this is part of bioeconomy. Turning ideas into products through communicative networking and practical establishment of value chains, that is the task and goal of the center.

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PlanBirch plus C − Citizens search on “forest change”− Impact of climate, biodiversity and water balance function

PlanBirch-plus-C is a citizen science forum on Birch and climate change. This tree is known in terms of forest renewering and business. The project deals with knowledge gaps, offers a dialog with woodland actors and sensitized the public.

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Adaptation of the Control and Management of Ditches to Climate Change in Brandenburg

Inland ditches created decades ago in the lowlands of Brandenburg enable the agricultural use of formerly wet land. The water retention in the ditches must now be adapted to the changing climate conditions.

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Innovations for forest regeneration – technology trials for fully mechanized forest seeding

Practiced since the High Middle Ages, declining with the founding of the large forest tree nurseries from the mid-19th century, then rediscovered: forest seeding – It is considered as a particularly natural, flexible and easily feasible method of forest stand establishment for all forest owners.

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Waldmeister Elbe-Elster – mobilization of the small scale private forest ownership in terms of adaption to climate change by digital forest forum

A digital information and dialog forum supports the forest ownership in the administrative district Elbe-Elster.

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Effects of small scale forest technology (Moritz Fr50) on susceptible forest soils – Smart Scale Forestry in Brandenburg (SSF-BB)

The primary objective during machine operations in forests must be to avoid negative effects on soil structure and soil function. Hence, application of small-scale forest technology, like the mini forestry tractor Moritz Fr50 seems to be promising due to its low total weight.

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Heating with heather – Renewable energy from nature conservation landscape management

This project realises a win-win situation in a novel approach: The material resulting from the maintenance of dwarf shrub heaths is pressed into heather pellets: a regional product that contributes to the maintenance of a protected biotope type.

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