The solution of application-related problems in post-mining landscapes and other landscapes disturbed by human intervention requires a broad range of expertise from experienced experts. The FIB e.V. can look back on a 60-year tradition and recognised scientific excellence at the Finsterwalde research site with its experimental stations Lysimeteranlage Grünewalde, Drößig and Welzow-Süd.

The interdisciplinary, low-friction organisational routine makes it possible to respond quickly to new challenges in practice and to successfully occupy future scientific fields, for example in the field of climate impact research or groundwater remediation.

Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes (FIB) and precursor institutions

  • 60 years of recultivation research in the Lusatian lignite mining area

Protagonists of recultivation research, from left: Dr. W.-D. Oehme, Prof. J. Katzur, Dipl.-Ing. W. Haubold, Dr. E. Neumann, Prof. M. Wünsche, Prof. D. Heinsdorf, Foto: Katzur (2008), source: Katzur & Böcker (2010)
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