Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) and the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD)

The Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften Finsterwalde e.V. (Research Institute for Post-Mining Landscapes Finsterwalde e.V.) is a recognised placement centre for the Voluntary Ecological Year (FÖJ) and the Federal Voluntary Service (BFD) in Brandenburg under the auspices of the Landesjugendring Brandenburg Trägerwerk e.V.

Would you like to try out your skills after school or during your studies and get involved with nature and the environment?

At the FIB e.V. you will find the best opportunities to do so – from the very first day!



FÖJ: Ingmar Landeck                BFD: Dr. Beate Zimmermann

With us you can:

  • Use your creative ideas and manpower for different projects.
  • Actively work for environmental protection and nature conservation, at eye level with your new colleagues.
  • Acquire a solid background knowledge of ecological interrelationships and the practical “tools”.
  • Rethink your choice of education and career for a year or reorient yourself.
  • Test yourself professionally, where are your interests and strengths?


  • Participation in biotope mapping and species protection measures, production of maps (GIS)
  • Participation in field trials: from planning and implementation to evaluation
  • Independent data acquisition and evaluation, activities in the research laboratory
  • Sampling in the field (soil – water – plants), evaluation of soils
  • Carrying out plant boning and yield recording
  • Public relations, e.g. maintenance of the homepage, development of flyers etc.
  • Appearances in event management: participation in excursions, field days, project presentations

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