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Effects of small scale forest technology (Moritz Fr50) on susceptible forest soils – Smart Scale Forestry in Brandenburg (SSF-BB)

The primary objective during machine operations in forests must be to avoid negative effects on soil structure and soil function. Hence, application of small-scale forest technology, like the mini forestry tractor Moritz Fr50 seems to be promising due to its low total weight.

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Heating with heather – Renewable energy from nature conservation landscape management

This project realises a win-win situation in a novel approach: The material resulting from the maintenance of dwarf shrub heaths is pressed into heather pellets: a regional product that contributes to the maintenance of a protected biotope type.

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Assessment on possible effects of gentle soil-compaction-by-detonation operations on agricultural land and forest stands

For geotechnical stabilisation measures on dumps, so called gentle soil-compaction-by-detonation operations are being executed. FIB is carrying out soil examinations and investigations of farmland and forests before and after the controlled blast measures.

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